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Debunking Homeowners Insurance Myths

Homeowners insurance is important to obtain if you own your own house! Unfortunately, there are many people who still do not have homeowners insurance policies, which is a big mistake. Home insurance helps cover important things when your home has hit a natural disaster or serious damage. It is always good to obtain this insurance to protect your loved ones and your most treasured assets. In this blog post, ARG and Associates will debunk some of the myths about the insurance, and give you the real facts.


Myth Vs. Fact: Home Insurance


Myth #1: If something happens to my property, home insurance will cover everything from jewelry and valuable items. FALSE. Sure, it can cover SOME of your valuables that were taken away from you, but not all. Homeowners insurance always has some sort of limit on what it covers and what it doesn’t. This is something you need to ask your insurance provider about.



Myth #2: If you file a single claim, your premium will go up. FALSE. Just by filing one claim does not necessarily mean your claim will go up, because it doesn’t. If you file multiple claims then it can possible increase. Our suggestion to you is to really figure out if you need to file a claim before researching other options. This could save you from paying more money on your insurance.



Myth #3: If you have homeowners insurance, this covers floods too. FALSE. Homeowners insurance does not cover floods, and this is something you would have to purchase separately. Flood insurance is available through ARG and Associates, and we can help set you up with the best package plans.



Myth #4: My home insurance will cover termites if I ever get them. FALSE. This is what people constantly think home insurance covers, but in reality it most likely does not. Termite damage is very expensive, because it takes quite some time to repair. We suggest looking further into other coverage for termites.



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