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Who Needs Disability Insurance?

Being given the opportunity to work and support your family with a monthly income is a true blessing. What if out of nowhere, this all got taken away from you? Would your loved ones be able to survive without that same monthly income? With affordable disability insurance, you will no longer have to worry about any of these issues. ARG and Associates, a disability insurance company, is here to tell you why this plan is crucial.

You Can Rely On Disability Insurance


The one problem with individuals who do not obtain disability insurance when they need it most is that they think worker’s’ compensation will cover them. Although this is a wonderful insurance to have while you are at a daily job, it rarely covers most disabilities that can occur. Many people do not know this about workers comp., and don’t bother purchasing disability policies until it is far too late. Plus, you shouldn’t rely solely on insurance plans via work, because if you were to get laid off or fired, those plans get taken away from you.



You need to take into consideration that anything can happen, at any time throughout your career. You could be on your way to the grocery store and get into a serious car accident that leaves you injured and on bed rest for two months. You could be hiking a trail and get bitten by a rattlesnake that will result in hospitalization. All of these things can happen, and you should be prepared in every way possible. Most individuals would say that they would not be able to financially provide for their families without that regular routine income.



Disability insurance can help if you were in an accident or have an illness that requires you to take time off of work. This is something very important- as it will help pay a big sum of your income while you are away from work. If you don’t already have affordable disability insurance, you should consider calling ARG and Associates today. Our Disability insurance company can get you started on the right path!