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Myth & Truth On Health Insurance

Health insurance is not mandatory, but is highly recommended in the United States, as it is something that can save your life. If you have a family to care for, affordable health insurance is something that you should all obtain. Although most people do have this type of plan, there are many myths that go around that are not true. Keep reading this post to find out what those myths are.

What is True/False on Health Insurance


  1. Health insurance is way too costly to obtain. Sure, the prices of health insurance are rising yearly, but that does not mean that they are unaffordable. There are certain plans you can create for yourself and your family that will be at a price you can handle. Depending on your financial income, you can qualify for other types of insurance plans. It is more worth it to put money aside for this extremely important insurance policy, than to go without out. Imagine if you were in the hospital with no insurance. Just thinking of the costs, bills, and medications that you will need to acquire will be overwhelming and can leave you in financial debt.
  2. The cheaper the plan, the better the plan. This is so FALSE. Look, we know some individuals can’t afford the most expensive insurance plans, so having the cheapest policy is better than not having insurance at all. But, the cheaper the plan means the least amount of coverage. By upgrading to better plans you will be receiving more benefits and can be treated more quickly with more efficiency.
  3. My job gives me a health insurance plan as a group, therefore I do not need to get my own. This may be true, but it is important to check exactly what this plan covers. Because it is a group plan, sometimes it restricts you from certain things that you would be enabled if you had a private plan. Also, if you were to get laid off, fired, or you simply left the company, you would automatically lose this insurance. Having a backup is always recommended.


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