Firefighter spraying water at a house fire

House Fires Can Happen: Here’s How To Prevent One

You may have heard several stories throughout your lifetime of someone you know experiencing a house fire. But, what if you were the one to experience this terrible disaster? Unfortunately, house fires are common, and can happen quite easily. ARG and Associates, a homeowners insurance company is here to give you some important tips on how to prevent fires. With homeowners insurance, you can rest assure that your property will be protected from almost all natural disasters.


Taking Precaution


Many house fires start from something that had sparked in the kitchen space. Here is what you should do around your kitchen to ensure that it is completely hazard and fire free:

  1. If you are not cooking anything on your stove top, always remove your pans and pots and tuck them away in a cabinet, drawer, etc. for later use. There could be a situation where you accidentally have your stove on and it will burn through your pots & pans.
  2. Clean out your oven occasionally. For one, cleaning your oven every month or so will ensure cleanliness and beneficial to your health. If you have food build-up in the oven, it could lead to sparking due to oil residue.
  3. We suggest having a fire extinguisher at plain sight of your kitchen space, to quickly burn one out if it occurs

Another common place where fires start is from a fireplace and/or chimney. Chimneys should be cleaned by a professional at least twice per year to ensure that it is spotless inside before the cold winter season. As for fireplaces, it is important to never leave a fireplace on while you go to sleep, or leave the home. Also, the type of wood you use is very important, because wood that is too moist can cause a bigger fire.


ARG and Associates offers top of the line homeowners insurance. If you were to experience a house fire, this policy can help pay for the damages that it has caused, and even some of the items that were lost in the flames. For a free consultation, give our specialists a call today.