FAQS: Workers Compensation Insurance

At ARG and Associates, we encourage all of our clients who work full time to obtain special insurance plans Los Angeles to stay safe and avoid any unfortunate events. While workers compensation insurance covers many basics, people still have questions for us about this insurance. We are here to answer some frequently asked questions from our clients, and hope that they benefit you and motivate you to consider this plan as well.

Questions & Answers

  1. If I get Workers Comp Insurance, what are my benefits? The main and most important thing that this insurance plan covers is your medical expenses and any treatments you need. Most of the time, this will also include follow up visits to the doctors, any emergency room visits, transportation, etc. You will also get money to your bank account for taking a specific amount of time off of work to get better. It also pays if you need to switch jobs and need more time off to study or train for a new job. Another thing this insurance plan covers is payment for death. If you were to pass away, this would cover funeral costs and other payments needed.
  2. Am I safe from being fired from my job while I take a leave of absence? Yes you are safe. Because you have workers compensation, your company is not allowed to fire you or let you go because of your current situation of recovery. Unless the injury was very serious and this would require you to permanent leave your job, it may be possible.
  3. If I am injured at work, what is the next step I take? If this happens while you are at work, you must report it right away. The longer you wait to report this incident, the worse it can get. Your employer must know immediately about the situation. Then you are entitled to see a physician. Once the doctor examines you and declares the injury, you can make a claim for workers compensation. It is pretty simple.

Our team of professionals are here to answer all of your questions about workers compensation insurance. To find out more, give us a call today for a free consultation!