Holiday Season Is Near: Got Home Insurance?

Home Insurance should be obtained automatically if you are a homeowner. This will protect you from a variety of different disasters that can occur. ARG and Associates, a home insurance company is here to tell you why you should obtain it BEFORE the holiday season [...]

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Debunking Homeowners Insurance Myths

Homeowners insurance is important to obtain if you own your own house! Unfortunately, there are many people who still do not have homeowners insurance policies, which is a big mistake. Home insurance helps cover important things when your home has hit a natural disaster or [...]

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House Fires Can Happen: Here’s How To Prevent One

You may have heard several stories throughout your lifetime of someone you know experiencing a house fire. But, what if you were the one to experience this terrible disaster? Unfortunately, house fires are common, and can happen quite easily. ARG and Associates, a homeowners insurance [...]

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